All Natural Beef

Located in New Canada, Maine – We are committed to humanely raising natural beef in “The County”


Aroostook Beef Company is located on Route 161 in New Canada, Maine. Our main focus is on raising a quality commercial and registered Black Angus herd. The reason for selecting this breed is that it brings everything to the table to satisfy both our valued meat customers and our fellow ranchers.

Black Angus beef provides superior marbling and tenderness. Our beef is born in Maine, raised in Maine, and fed hay and grains grown in Maine! Our animals are never given growth hormones or fed antibiotics, and nothing is added to the meat during processing!

To help improve the quality of our herd, we have purchased bulls from Maine to Montana! A solid cow herd is pivotal in the success of any cattle ranch, and the fastest way to build a good herd is with good bulls. We are incredibly selective about choosing new bulls to incorporate into our herd and focus on a number of traits, such as, calving ease, growth, milking ability and phenotype.

All Natural Beef

Whether you’re a meat customer or a fellow rancher, we hope that you are fully satisfied by all of our products!

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ABC’s Farm Store Plus

Check out our new farm store! We carry all of our All-Natural Black Angus beef products, as well as other local and made in Maine foods and products. Visit us Tuesday through Saturday at 96 market Street in Fort Kent.

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